hip hop jewelry

If you’ve ever admired a celebrity wearing a hip hop jewelry piece, you know that it can be expensive. That’s because hip hop jewelry is typically reserved for the rich and famous. However, due to the high price tag, designers and jewelers have been forced to rethink their methods and come up with clever ideas to make their pieces affordable to the general public. Thanks to a recent quantum leap in technology, hip hop jewelry is now much more accessible.

Diamond pendants

Hip hop artists aren’t the only ones who choose to wear diamond pendants in their hip hop jewelry. While the conventional yellow gold still has its place in this style of hip hop jewelry, other more fashionable gold finishes have also gained in popularity. Nevertheless, the purpose of wearing iced-out jewelry remains the same. Hip hop artists use their jewelry to assert their power in the society, particularly female rappers. Even the most famous jewelers were surprised when Lil Uzi’s $24 million diamond was a huge success.

Gold necklaces

For a modern and stylish piece of gold hip hip hop jewelry hop jewelry, look no further than Valeria Custom Jewelry. The intricate designs are created using precision and artisan craft. This style of necklace has become a trend among young people and has even reached the clout of Hollywood celebrities and hip-hop artists. You will find an array of gold hip hop necklaces at Valeria Custom Jewelry. The quality and detail of these designs make them a must-have piece of jewelry for your wardrobe.

Diamond hoop earrings

If you are looking for a trendy piece of jewelry, then look no further than the diamond hoop earring. These earrings are a staple of hip hop artists’ looks and are a perfect accessory to complement their unique style. The style of these earrings has not changed in years, and the diamond variety is one of the most popular. Every woman should own a pair of diamond hoop earrings in her jewelry collection.

Diamond star pinky ring

The diamond star pinky ring is an iconic piece of hip hop jewelry. This stylish ring was made with 18k white gold and features a diamond center. Azurite is an important crystal for the healing process, helping the wearer explore past life times and retrieving information from alternate lifetimes. The diamond ring is one of many options available. The design team at Ellie Wrens offers a free consultation, and additional pictures are available upon request.

Diamond star pendant

If you want to add a touch of glitz to your hip hop jewelry collection, look no further than a diamond star pendant. With its fiery luminescence, this pendant will surely catch the eyes of the crowd. Available in 14K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, this pendant will surely make a statement. No matter what your preference is, you’ll find the perfect piece for you among these three precious metals.


Hip hop jewelry first appeared during the 1970s with the emergence of hip hop music. It was later introduced to the mainstream by MCs and groups like Run DMC. The first examples of hip hop jewelry included multiple chains and chunky gold chains worn over track suits. This style soon spread and became one of the most popular types of hip hop jewelry. As hip hop music became more popular, jewelry makers began using it as a statement of class and status.

Symbolism of hip hop jewelry

When it comes to the symbolism of hip hop jewelry, you’re more than likely familiar with the gold chain and medallion that rappers wear. Rappers wear this bling to show off their status. Rappers have always sworn by bling to represent authority and influence, so it makes sense that rappers wear it as a statement of status. Symbols such as gold, diamonds, and ice are all symbols of status and wealth. However, these jewelry pieces are not just made for celebrities. They have meanings outside of hip hop.