If you have a passion for the written word, an English degree online can open up many exciting career opportunities. Whether you’re looking to write for publication, teach or pursue graduate school, a bachelor’s degree in English can help set you on the right track.

At Waterloo, you’ll explore all kinds of genres and forms as you develop your skills in communication, critical thinking, analysis and persuasion with courses taught by internationally recognized scholars. This degree gives you the knowledge and confidence to pursue a variety of careers in a range of fields, including journalism, grant writing, secondary English teaching and technical writing.

With an english degree online canada, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with a diverse audience and understand cultural differences. You’ll also learn to critically evaluate the work of contemporary writers and poets, and analyze and interpret a wide variety of texts.

Alternatively, you can pursue a master’s in English. You’ll be able to build on your English studies and focus in a specific area of study, such as literature or literary criticism.

There are several universities across Canada that offer English degrees. You can choose from a large selection of top-ranked universities and programs.

University of New Brunswick (UNB) is Canada’s oldest English-language university and a trailblazer on multiple fronts. Its online undergraduate and graduate degrees allow you to earn your degree from the comfort of home. UNB’s curriculum features extensive coursework in language and composition, linguistics, English literature, and communication studies.

National University’s four-week course format allows you to complete the program at a pace that suits your lifestyle, and you’ll have access to an exceptional faculty of active practitioners. NU offers a Bachelor of Arts in English that focuses on critical thinking and written and oral communication.

At Universite TELUQ, you’ll gain a broad understanding of English and French culture while exploring issues in the world. This Quebec institution is the only distance learning university in Canada that delivers all its courses through a virtual platform, and it serves over 18,000 remote students each year.

You’ll learn how to read and interpret literary texts, including works by classical authors such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, as well as contemporary works like graphic novels and social media fiction. You’ll also be able to analyze the relationships between literary, political, economic and intellectual culture.

Laurentian University is a bilingual and tricultural university that prides itself on providing a unique educational experience reflective of its location in Northern Ontario. Its online degree offerings include a diverse menu of 26 programs with over 350 courses.

Accredited by the Canadian Association of Colleges and Universities, this university’s three campuses in Ontario offer more than 50 degrees, as well as an array of online courses. It’s also the first university to partner with Amazon Web Services for cloud education, improving access to a wider audience of remote learners and students in disadvantaged communities.

AU has a long history in online learning, starting a distance education pilot project in 1973 and launching the country’s first online executive MBA in 1994. It has 40,000+ students and 73 percent of them are employed while they pursue their degree.