If you want a black and grey realism tattoo, you need an artist who has mastered shading, layers, and 3D effects. The best black and grey realism tattoo artists can create soft shadows and hard shadows. You can tell if an artist is skilled in black and grey realism by the shading he or she achieves on the tattoo. Below, we’ll discuss four black and grey realism tattoo artists.


If you’re looking for a Melbourne tattoo artist, look no further. Insamnia are black and grey realism tattoo artists. Their works range from realism pieces of your favourite movie characters, to darker bio organic and mechanical imagery. From architecture to human anatomy, you’re sure to find something that’s unique to you. And the best part? They offer custom tattoos too!

The most popular style of black and gray realism tattoos is portraits. These tattoos typically portray a portrait of a loved one, favorite object, or favorite scenery. They may also incorporate surreal elements into the designs. These black and grey tattoo artists are the best in New Hampshire, and they work with a diverse range of tattoo designs, from tribal to tribal. You can even find some unique designs combining surreal elements and traditional tattoo styles.

Teneile Napoli

A world-renowned tattoo artist who specialises in black and grey realism and modern-day pin-ups, Teneile Napoli has carved a name for herself as an outstanding tattoo artist. She has won over 100 tattoo competition trophies and sponsors from five of the world’s biggest tattoo companies. Her work is outstanding, and you’re sure to find a work you love, whether it’s a tribal design or a portrait.

One of Australia’s top tattoo artists, Teneile Napoli has been inked by many notable individuals over the years, and has done portraits of muhammad ali, will smith, and justin bieber. She is also the artist behind drake’s famous sade tattoo. Her work has won her many awards, including a prestigious ‘Tattoo Artist of the Year’ award.

Mark Mahoney

One of the most notable black and gray realism tattoo artists is Mark Mahoney. His tattoos are typically black and grey and may include lettering. His detailed, intricate designs are known for their creativity and passion. Mahoney’s clients include David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Jared Leto, and Adele. The tattoo artist was also cast in two music videos by Lana Del Rey.

Whether you prefer traditional black and grey realism or intricate and detailed portraits, there are tattoo artists who can create the most realistic pieces. Some artists have experience working with celebrities and have a long history in the industry. Rob Richardson is another example of a realistic black and grey tattoo artist. He has worked in several tattoo studios, including Artistic Element in Yucaipa and Artistic Element in Los Angeles CA.

Beau Parkman

If you’re looking for a great black and gray realism tattoo, look no further than the talented artist Beau Parkman. His work is a blend of nature and portraits, as well as scary horror-themed pieces. You can see more of his work on Instagram. He also creates beautiful works on canvas. Here are some of our favorites from his portfolio. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration in them!