There are a few important considerations to make before installing a rubber expansion joint. While the rubber used should be suitable for the application, there are some limitations to this method. One major drawback is the manual application method. Because the sheet is so large, positioning the cords and materials in the right position is difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to work in pairs so that you can apply the joint in the correct position. Also, you should interweave the two layers to avoid delamination.


A NBR rubber expansion joint is an excellent choice for a variety of high temperature applications. The material offers high oil and hydrocarbon resistance. It also offers good mechanical properties and wear resistance. It is suitable for applications in oil and fuel, as well as solvents, gas, and mineral oil. However, it is not suitable for applications in hot water.


An NBR NITRILE rubber expansion joint has high mechanical properties and is designed for high-temperature environments. Its properties also include good wear and tear resistance, excellent electrical insulation, and good dimensional stability. Moreover, it is flexible and has good abrasion resistance.

Style 301 single sphere connectors

Style 301 single sphere rubber expansion joint is an excellent choice for small diameter piping. Its EPDM material is durable and provides high pressure and temperature resistance. It also reduces vibration and pulsation shocks. ThisĀ type of connector also comes with a solid plate flange and self-cleaning arch. These features make installation a breeze.

Sleeved joints

Sleeved joints for rubber expansion joints are generally characterized by the presence of a control unit. These units are designed to act as a backup safety device in case the anchors fail. They are designed to withstand angular movements in any plane.

Spool arch type joints

Spool arch type rubber expansion joints offer a wide range of advantages. They are ideal for absorbing pressure and flow movements and are self-cleaning. These joints are suitable for a variety of applications, including flow process machinery and waste treatment.

Fluoroplastic liner options

Fluoroplastic liner options for rubber and polyurethane expansion joints offer a number of advantages. First, they provide seamless, corrosion-resistant protection. Second, they can be used in any type of application. This type of liner is available in various sizes and types, so you can choose the best one for your needs.