Manac is Canada’s largest semi-trailer manufacturer and a leading manufacturer of specialty platforms such as flatbed trailers, dump trailers, lowbeds, forestry trailers, chip trailers and dry-vans. With headquarters in St Georges, Quebec and manufacturing plants in Orangeville, Ontario and Kennett, Missouri, Manac produces 125 different models under its Manac, CPS, Peerless, Darkwing, UltraPlate, Ultravan and Liddell Canada brands.

Manac’s recent acquisition of Alutrec will help it become even more competitive in the market. The acquisition will see Alutrec’s fleet of aluminum semi-trailers fully integrated into Manac’s own product lines.

The deal also will keep the company in Quebec, where it is currently headquartered. The sale was approved by Investissement Quebec, the province’s investment arm. The province has a long-term investment plan to support Quebec industries, including its manufacturing sector.

A company with a strong heritage in the manufacturing industry, manac has a long history of producing custom-built trailers to fit specific applications and hauling loads from one destination to another. This commitment to innovation has enabled the company to develop and sell some of the most advanced and technologically sophisticated vehicles in the industry.

In recent years, the company has also grown its dealer network to over 70 dealers across North America. The most recent milestone, however, came when Manac reached the 200,000th unit built.

Its latest achievement is a tribute to the people who make it all possible, including its dealers and customers. According to Charles Dutil, who will continue to head the company as president and CEO, the 200,000th unit was a tri-axle log trailer that went to a US dealer, Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel.

As a manufacturer of custom-built trailers, Manac has built an unmatched reputation in the trucking industry. Its products are used to haul a wide range of cargo, from construction materials and equipment to flammable items.

To maintain its position as a leader in the industry, Manac employs innovative solutions to improve quality and productivity. These include daily huddles and Gemba Walks with frontline managers, meetings to align operational goals with management, and digital tools that help break down silos between frontline workers and other departments.

These processes help them to improve performance, safety and quality on the factory floor while driving bottom-line results. This is why the company decided to deploy Tervene, a mobile solution that empowers frontline employees by allowing them to track their progress, receive feedback from their managers and improve performance.

The solution is based on a connected manager platform and enables Manac to empower its frontline teams and top management with stronger daily control, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and improvement processes that drive operational excellence.

With the implementation of the Tervene solution, the Manac management team streamlined the process of escalation of issues to the next level and improved productivity. In addition, it reduced the time it took to respond to customer requests for service.

This solution allowed them to accelerate their response times to the customers, a key factor for improving profitability and customer loyalty. It also helped them reduce their lead time, enabling them to respond to market changes quickly and effectively. Moreover, it gave them access to real-time data on the status of their projects, which they could use to identify and overcome challenges faster.