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Mashable is a popular blog devoted to digital media and technology. The website was founded by Pete Cashmore, who had previously founded the Huffington Post. The site has grown to an audience of over two million people per month. It has received ten times more traffic than its original target audience. Initially, Mashable published one or two articles every day, but in 2009 it expanded its content by hiring 43 editorial staffers, increasing its daily output to seven to 15 articles. It also began using its domain strength to promote its content.

Since its launch, Mashable has grown beyond its technology roots, covering news on everything from terrorism to life advice. The site is considered a one-stop shop for social media news and has over six million Twitter followers. It has also garnered over three million Facebook fans.


Treehugger is a leading sustainability media outlet that is based in Brooklyn, New York. The site’s articles aim to inform and inspire readers to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Its content spans a variety of topics, including sustainable design, transportation, health, beauty, culture, and energy. The site currently has over 5 million unique visitors per month and is an important resource for those interested in green living.

With Stephen Gleave Ancaster its mission of Sustainability for All, Treehugger is making green living easier for everyone. Their website makes it simple for consumers to make informed green purchasing decisions. The site offers tips and advice on sustainable living, including how to grow food and buy eco-friendly products. The site also strives to influence designers, manufacturers, and retailers to create more sustainable products.


TechCrunch has been around for quite some time. The site has experienced ups and downs over the years. The site has even tried its hand at making a tablet computer, the CrunchPad. Its efforts to make the project a reality have been met with varying degrees of success.

In 2014, the site underwent a revamp, boosting its design and performance. It also launched weekly newsletters that featured technology news and analysis. These newsletters served as a platform for the site to keep its audience informed about business and emerging technologies.


HuffPost’s decision to end its contributor program could lead to a new era in guest blogging. The company is known for its lax linking policies and now is offering paid guest blogging opportunities. This could prove to be an opportunity for established bloggers to find new exposure. For now, you may want to experiment with different platforms and content types. If you want to see the most results, try using a multi-platform approach.

While HuffPost has been a pioneer in the blogging world, the company has a number of limitations. The site has an incredible contributor network, which grew to over 100,000 contributors. In addition to that, it has a new opinion section, HuffPost Personal, which will feature guest writers writing first-person essays. It also will feature Q&As and interviews.