Email verification is an essential part of online marketing. If you don’t want to be bombarded with unwanted emails, you need to find a free email verifier. These applications perform a variety of tasks to ensure that your email addresses are correct. First, they check the structure of the email address and syntax. Emails sent from an email address that is not correctly written will not be delivered. They also check whether the domain address is valid.


The Clearout free email verifier helps you validate email addresses instantly. It allows you to validate up to 10 email addresses per validation. In addition, the service has an API that allows you to integrate it into your web applications and perform validation in real-time. Many companies struggle with building email lists due to their limited resources. In many cases, they buy preset profiled lists from third parties and send identical mass emails to them.

Another feature of the Clearout free email verifier is that it can identify and resolve a high number of catch-all domains. This feature ensures that all emails are delivered to legitimate subscribers. It can also detect if an email address is invalid or temporary. This feature helps reduce the number of bad email addresses and improve deliverability rates. Clearout also offers a free trial and 24×7 customer support.


If you need to verify emails in bulk, you may want to use Verifalia’s API. However, the Verifalia API requires you to provide credentials for the user and root account. These credentials must be supplied for each API request. Once you have done that, you can retrieve the data from the API. This API supports a variety of file formats.

When you use Verifalia’s API, you can validate any email and get a list of validated entries. The verification results will be returned as a JSON object with a paginated list. You can filter your results by status code by specifying a comma.


Mailfloss is a free email verifier that scans your email service provider for invalid emails and new emails each day. It offers features that free email verifier will automate email verification and boost email deliverability and ROI. This service integrates with a variety of email service providers, including MailChimp, HubSpot, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. It also offers batch verification and auto-cleaning.

Mailfloss protects your email list against spam, hard bounces, and typo errors. It also checks for invalid email addresses and connects seamlessly with marketing service providers. Mailfloss is easy to use and has excellent support. You can upload email lists via CSV and have them verified every day. You can also set up whitelist and blacklist options to control which emails are removed.


DeBounce is an easy-to-use email verifier that checks the validity of email addresses. This tool uses syntax checking, disposable address detection, and domain checking to ensure email deliverability. It also has smart indicators for spam-traps. The best part is, you can collaborate with multiple team members in the same account.

Debounce’s free email verifier service offers up to 100 free monthly email verification credits. Paid plans start at $15 per month and include 2,000 emails. DeBounce is a popular email validation service with over 1000 customer reviews and integrations with many of the most popular email services. It also features a powerful data enrichment engine. For example, it can find the full name behind any email address.