Using a rigging company to install a heavy duty crane can be a bit dangerous. However, using the right equipment and moving company can help you get your heavy duty equipment to the destination safely. Companies like MEI Rigging & Crating are known for their safety culture and state of the art equipment. They have offices in the states of Oregon, Nevada and Arizona and serve a variety of end markets.

In the world of rigging and crating, MEI Rigging & Crating, LLC is one of the largest in the industry. They offer crating, millwrighting and machinery moving services to clients around the country. They are a trusted name when it comes to moving heavy equipment and have over 10 locations in Nevada, Arizona and Oregon. MEI Rigging & Crating, is not a small company, and they have been in business for over 20 years. They have also received a lot of attention from Dorilton Capital Advisors, a family equity office, who has invested in the company in the form of a majority stake. The company has grown primarily by acquiring smaller competitors, relocating to newer sites and introducing complementary services.

MEI Rigging & Crating, has the aforementioned name brand and a few others. They also have one of the largest inventories of machinery and equipment in the industry. They offer services such as crating, machine moving, and installation. MEI also has a division that rigging and crating specializes in export packing. The company has a lot of experience in the fast growing vertical markets. In fact, their client list includes some of the most well-known names in the tech world.

In the rigging and crating world, the most important feat to achieve is to safely install and transport heavy equipment. While this can be done by yourself, you’ll probably want the services of a company that has the proper equipment and experienced personnel. The best companies also provide insurance for your cargo, so you don’t have to worry about it when it arrives at your location.

The best rigging and crating company will also have the knowledge and skills necessary to install your equipment correctly the first time around. A company that specializes in moving and rigging heavy equipment can help you move your business from A to B. They have the expertise to do it safely, efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Choosing the right company can make or break your business, and they should be considered a top priority. MEI Rigging & Crating, may not be the best company in the business, but they certainly are one of the best. They have over 20 years of experience in rigging and crating, and their rigging and millwrighting credentials are second to none. The company is also known for their quality service, and they have a lot of experience with heavy equipment.

The company has a small but dedicated team of experts to make sure that all your needs are met. They have the equipment, manpower and expertise to handle the most complex of jobs.