Archery is the art, game, practice, or craft of using an arrow to shoot arrows at targets. The word archer comes from the Latin arcanus for arrow. Historically, archery was primarily used for war and hunting. In recent years, however, it has become primarily a recreational and competitive sport. There are many styles of archery ranging from target shooting to long range hunting and disciplines for training, competition, and personal growth.


In ancient times, archery was based on the use of bows. Bows were designed for long range hunting and fighting and were not meant for everyday use. The most common bow used in archery today is the compound bow, also known as the battle bow because of its use in war. Compound bows have a long shaft and a short flex. When a strip of wood is inserted into the bend at the end of the bow, the spring compresses the wood and the compound bows have a high draw force.

Cross bows are bows with a cross sectional piece that is perpendicular to the archer. This type of bow has a long shaft and high draw force but can be less accurate than other types of bows. Another archery bow is the compound bow. These bows have more flexible ends and a tapered piece in the middle, which shoot arrows more accurately than straight shafted ones.

Crossbows have historically been the most popular form of archery. They are also the most deadly, as they can shoot up to a hundred arrows at a time. Some archers still use them today for hunting, though. They are still used by some military units for training and shooting practice. Bows have been used in western culture for sport since the 12th century.

Archery is not a weapon in itself. Although bows have been a vital part of archery history, there is no weapon in archery that can be considered an archery weapon. A bow can only be used to replace a spear or a gun. However, in some cultures, arrows are used in hand-to-hand combat and will often kill the opponent before they are even wounded by them.

The main equipment of archery is arrows. These arrows are available in many different styles and sizes, depending on what type of archery you plan to do. The most common style is the drop-away arrow, which is recessed into the bow’s case after it is drawn. Cross-bow arrows (the ones you will find on most hunting bows) require archers to pull back on a cord to release the string before shooting. It is important to learn how to use your arrows properly before spending money on the equipment.