When choosing  paper, you should choose the appropriate size based on the size of the project you are printing on and the printer’s size restrictions. The process is simple and requires only a standard iron and a compatible printer. Before beginning your project, practice printing on a piece of scrap cloth to get the hang of it. After a few tries, you’ll be a pro! And once you master the technique, you can move on to larger projects!

3G Jet Opaque paper

If you want to transfer images from  ink jet printers to dark materials, 3G JET-OPAQUE heat transfer paper is an excellent choice. It has an opaque layer that can be cut with a die or cutter/plotter and produces smudge-free garment prints. This transfer paper is ideal for garments that are made of synthetic materials or cotton blends. Its bright colors and high elasticity ensure long-lasting prints.

BDF Transfer Paper is a versatile choice for heat-transferting images to light-colored fabrics and synthetic fibers. Suitable for a variety of applications, BDF Transfer Paper is compatible with most t-shirt presses and 3G Jet-Opaque heat transfer printers. The company also offers a comprehensive product application guide. In this video, we will discuss the benefits and limitations of each type of heat-transfer paper.

3M Jet Opaque paper

If you want to use a quality transfer paper to make a quality transfer for your custom printed apparel, consider 3G Jet Opaque heat-transfer paper. This type of paper provides an opaque layer to hide the color of the substrate, allowing you to transfer images with photo quality. It’s a great choice for transferring white or black images onto dark substrates, and is available in different sizes.

You can buy this heat-transfer paper at discount prices in India from Ubuy. They ship it to India from seven warehouses worldwide. And if you’re not in India, Ubuy offers products in 180 countries. You can even save a lot of money by shopping online. You can even earn rewards from Ubuy when you spend a certain amount of money on a Neenah 3g Jet Opaque heat-transfer paper.

If you’re looking for a heat-transfer paper with an opacity level of 90%, 3G Jet-OPAQUE(r) II is the right choice. This product’s unique opacity level means that you can create bright, vivid images on dark fabrics. It’s also one of the most durable opaque transfer papers available, and it washes well. You can cut it with a cutter/plotter or use a commercial heat press.