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Environmental protection

In fiction, environmental protection is the subject of books like The Lorax and Antarctica. Short stories about humans’ attitude toward animals also are available. Another book about environmental protection is The Martian Chronicles, which explores how humans affect the planet through war and government control. Some people even conduct citizen science projects. Regardless of your political affiliation, environmental protection is a serious concern. Whether it’s through cleaning up garbage in a park or studying how animals affect our environment, there are many ways you can get involved.

Non-violent animal protection

Modern non-violent animal protection movements began during the nineteenth century, a time when the rise of the temperance and Protestant revivalist movements had catalyzed a new social movement. Wartime photographs revealed the suffering of animals and soldiers, and animal protectionists believed that creaturely kindness was a sign of a more advanced civilization. They believed that animal compassion would repair the rifts in the nation. On April 10, 1866, the New York legislature incorporated a state animal protection society with policing powers and a mission to protect animals.

Chemical features

Many species use physical or chemical features in defense. For instance, porcupines have highly sharp quills, while turtles use their shell to shield themselves from predators. Some animals use both physical and chemical features as a defense, and both are just as effective. The dart frog, for example, secretes poisons through its skin. The poisons make predators sick or even die.

Climate change

A changing climate threatens a variety of animal species and ecosystems. Polar bears and moose are struggling to survive as ice melts. Warming temperatures change the food chain, affecting the ecosystem. And as a result, parasites are increasing and the food chain changes. The effects are far-reaching and affect many aspects of life, including species’ reproductive timing. The response of animals and plants to the changes in climate will determine how they continue to exist and how they respond.

Animal rights

The right to a healthy environment has developed into the protection of nature, and so the same may happen with animal rights. In the past, human rights advocates have been able to secure large amounts of compensation for wrongful treatment of animals. But animal rights have yet to achieve the status of human rights. There are many different views on the topic. Some authors are more inclined toward one point of view than another. A number of scholars have outlined several important differences in their approach to the issue.