city of Roswell

The city of Roswell, Georgia is located in northern Fulton County. As of the 2010 census, the population was 88,346. It is projected to grow to 94,884 by 2020. As a suburb of Atlanta, Roswell has an affluent historic district. It has an excellent public school system. For residents, the city’s average income is $73,469 per household. Several sources provide these figures, including QuickFacts.

88,346 residents

The city of Roswell is located in northern Fulton County, Georgia. According to the 2010 census, the city had 88,346 residents. That number is expected to grow to more than 94,200 by the end of the decade. The median age of Roswell’s population was 38.5, and the city has an affluent downtown area and historic district. It is the seventh-largest city in Georgia.

The city is home to a variety of attractions, including a historic downtown district and Town Square, which is a centralized location for community events. Other attractions include Waller Park, which features a baseball field, playground, and rec center. Residents are also able to access the nearby river/creek. Traffic in the city is comparable to Atlanta, but it is not as bad as in some areas of the city. The worst times to drive through Roswell are early morning and late afternoon rush hour. Due to the city’s proximity to Atlanta, traffic is heavier during those times of the day.

30,207 households

According to the 2000 United StatesĀ More Info Census, Roswell had a population of 79,334 people. The median age was 35.2 years. There are about 30,207 households in Roswell. The average household size is 2.65 people. The median income is $78,070 per year. Currently, the city is growing, with the population increasing steadily over the last 15 years. Mayor Jere Wood has served in the position since 1997. The city is located in the state of New Mexico and covers an area of 38.6 square miles (100 km2) of land, and 0.6 square mile of water.

When the area was first settled, it was part of Cobb County, with Marietta about a four-hour horse ride away. However, the residents wanted to establish a city of their own, and a city charter was approved by the Georgia General Assembly on February 16, 1854. By the Civil War, cotton mills employed at least 400 people, with many of the workers being Scots-Irish. The city was incorporated in 1858, with the population doubling by that time.

Median income for a household in Roswell is $73,469

In 2007, the median household income in Roswell was $73,469. This figure included all wage and salary earnings. It also included dividends, net rents, welfare payments, and child and alimony payments. The city had a population density of 8,603 people per square mile. There were 30,207 households in Roswell, with 34.6% of households having children under the age of 18 and 56.8% of households being non-families. There were also 4.5% of households with someone 65 or older.

In Roswell, the median household income was $73,469 in 2017. The city is home to 53328 jobs, and the population is made up of approximately 26,999 people. It ranks 20th in Georgia when it comes to per capita income, which has increased by 4.9% since 2000. This city has many high-paying jobs in a variety of fields. Listed below are some statistics about the median income for a household in Roswell.

Sources of QuickFacts data

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In 1869, the Roswell settlement was founded by two men. One was a businessman from Omaha, Nebraska, who constructed two adobe buildings and named the town after his father. The other was the town’s post office. In 1873, it was Van C. Smith who became the town’s first postmaster. Smith’s name came from the first name of his father, Roswell. The other is an homage to the many men who have passed through Roswell.